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The future of cryptocurrencies is in the hands of their adherents, not investors looking for short-term gains.
A new era of real economic freedom begins.

Benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Digital currencies have a number of important advantages over traditional money and popular financial and physical assets. What is the reason? The point is that cryptocurrencies solve numerous problems associated with the centralized nature of fiat currencies and other instruments. Let's list them.

There is almost no inflation in the cryptocurrency world. However, to some extent it is still present, since it is needed to financially stimulate miners mining blocks. Moving to a proof-of-stake protocol will further reduce inflation and increase the value of cryptocurrencies (the Ethereum network is expected to introduce a hybrid POW / POS by the end of 2017). The most important thing here is that the inflation rate is known and not hidden by anyone. In the case of the banking system, the inflation rate is unknown, and central banks can print any amount of money without consulting the public. This is one of the main reasons why cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more supporters.

Another positive point is transparency. It is impossible to trick this system or do anything without others knowing about it. This is why, although some attackers were able to exploit loopholes in Bitcoin and Ethereum, such loopholes were quickly closed by the joint efforts of developers and the community, thanks to the fact that all network participants could see what was happening.

If you need to send money to a recipient in another country, you will find that cryptocurrency is the best option. An ordinary money transfer is not only expensive, but also requires filling in a lot of related documents. Compared to SWIFT / SEPA, cryptocurrency transactions are almost instantaneous. Compared to VISA transfers, digital coins are still moving slower, but the developers are now actively addressing this problem.

And finally, no one can block or freeze your cryptocurrency wallet.

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