Adjustable Mount System

  • Saving money is our number one reason to install an adjustable solar mount.  Instead of buying more solar panels, an adjustable mount will allow you to change the angle of the solar panel throughout the year and increase the total amp hours in a given day.                                      A 100 watt solar panel costs around $150 online, while an adjustable mount can be purchased for around $50. In the long run, adjusting the solar panel angle with the changing seasons, will save money and can pay for the mount in less than a year due to the increased power output.
  • Severe weather can be hard on solar panels, especially snow, hail and strong winds. With an adjustable solar panel mount, it is easy to lower the panel flat against the surface it is mounted. This helps minimize the wind load and prevents damage. When a solar panel is laid flat, it is also easier to cover and protect by a sturdy object.

  • Solar panel current output is dictated by the “cosine effect”. That is, the amount of current from a solar panel depends on the sun angle. When the sun is perpendicular to the panel, a 0 degree sun angle, the panel will produce the most power. The cosine of 0 degrees is 1, meaning full output.Any angle greater than 0 degrees will decrease the current output. By adjusting the solar panel angle and achieving a sun angle as close to zero, will produce the most amount of power. Say you need to charge you batteries in the afternoon.  Adjusting the mount so the solar panels are perpendicular to the sun, will ensure your batteries are charged for nighttime operation.