Smart Atmospheric Water Generator

Created by our Engineer

Ms. Nada Waseem

  • Nothing is more important than water for life on Earth. People are struggling to get the required amount and good quality of water they need for their daily needs. There is not enough or drinking water available in many regions; Water is polluted in many regions where water is available. 

  • By 2050, it is projected that more than 1.8 billion citizens will reside in areas where the freshwater levels are completely or nearly exhausted. Varying atmospheric conditions can cause water production to change. This solar-powered Smart Atmospheric Water Generator offers the right amount of solutions for all the problems faced. In this, atmospheric moisture from the atmosphere is collected converted into pure drinking water after fierce filtration and the addition of minerals.

  • The main purpose of it is to generate water from water-scarce or highly humid areas and distribute it among the people who lack a clean water supply. 

  • This SAWG technology is capable of producing drinking water in a 24H cycle from 40 to 11135 liters, thus meeting all requirements. The method does not create any chemical imbalances, because all the absorbed water vapor is automatically replenished with water evaporated from the ocean and other bodies of water