What exactly can I expect from Ecolife solar solutions?

Ecolife is a UAE certified solar EPC contractor.  We offer you full turn-key solutions and take care of everything from systems design, execution and handover of your solar system.   Plus we handle all the permits and will provide you the first best service and maintenance for peace of mind.  Rest assured… we’ve got you covered.

How much solar will I need for my rooftop?  

The amount of solar you will need boils down by answering TWO primary questions:

  1. What is your annual electric bill?

  2. How much available roof space do you have? 

After you share with us details about your DEWA bill, our In-house design team can assess your roof area with 95% accuracy to determine how much solar and savings you can expect.   

Will I need Batteries to go with my solar system?

The short answer is No.  DEWA will provide you with a solar meter that keeps track of the electricity that your solar system produces in the day, and then credits the power back to you when you need it after the sun goes down and your system stops producing.   It’s called “Net Metering”.  You won’t need batteries because you will still be connected to the grid and so DEWA will act as your backup power supply.

Will my solar panels require any maintenance?

Solar panels don’t have any moving parts but when they get dirty they will need to be cleaned to ensure you get maximum power.  The good news is that Ecolife solar will provide you with easy operation & maintenance agreements and can offer extended servicing that best fit your needs.

Do you provide any warranties?

Absolutely!  We will provide you with a 25-year warranty power and a 10 year product warranty.  If a component of your solar system goes down, our team of engineers will immediately respond to bring your system back to optimal generation.  Components will be either replaced or fixed cost-free for the owner.